Sunday, February 13, 2011


Years ago, when things were happier at work, and I had the joy of working with two assistants who were also friends, we got a box in the mail.  And, in the box was the statue on the left.  Well, I am sure you can imagine, this "surprise gift" had us rolling on the floor, tears in our eyes, laughing.  It was some poor excuse for a religious statue!  But because she was so darned pathetic, she became a fixture around the place, and for probably fifteen years the office keys have been "on the nun".

Of course she got to move to the new location.  Joseph is waiting next to her for the custodian to glue his head back on.  I was so excited to see these new statues, not made of china, but of some sort of resin - but I can asure you that "resin" whatever it is, is even more apt to break!  Wouldn't you know?

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